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Tubing at 


The minimum size/age to ride alone is 42 inches/4 years.

Ages 2-4 years can ride with an adult.

All children MUST be supervised.

Tubing rentals will be for 1.5 hours. Times are as follows:

10:00am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm.  

Rules &



Rental Prices

1.5hr Tube Rental: $6.00 + GST

1.5hr Helmet Rental: $2.00 + GST

All children MUST be supervised. Helmets are mandatory for under 18 years old and recommended but not mandatory for adults.

Tubers may wear their own CSA approved winter sport helmet.

     Ski boots or hard shelled boots are NOT to be worn when tubing. 

Tubing is only allowed in the designated tubing area on the south side of the rope tow.  Access to the top of the tube run is by walking up the south side of the tube run.






· Walking paths can be slippery

· Winter footwear is recommended

· Use caution when walking

· Horseplay is not permitted

When sitting in the tube

· Secure your helmet or hat

· Sit up, hold handles

· Keep feet up

· Sit on your bottom

· One user per tube (except children 2-4 yrs riding with an adult)

At the bottom

· Look both ways when exiting the lanes

· Do not attempt to retrieve objects from lanes (ask Tawatinaw Valley staff for assistance)

· Follow instructions

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