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At Tawatinaw Valley Ski Hill we have so many fantastic things going on!  From cardboard sled races to retro fashion days there are many wonderful opportunities for you to join the fun.

ZS Concussion Awareness Day- March 16

9:30 am- Concussion Awareness clinic at Pine Valley Hall- no charge to attend

12-4 pm burgers, beer garden, live music-JOE IRELAND BAND- at the ski hill

  T-shirts available for purchase.

Ski Tawatinaw in your blue t-shirt and support the cause.


Boundless fun for everyone and we have events to prove it!
​You think competitions are fun?

We do too. Alberta Freestyle is hosting an event here Feb. 9-11, 2024

​You would rather a slow scenic down hill run?

Ski with Santa!

Wait. What? You want to hurtle down the hill on cardboard held together with duct tape...?
You're right, that does sound like a great way to celebrate Family Day! Register online for our cardboard sled races on Feb. 19.  Our Ski Patrol will be BBQing and selling burgers and pop all day. 

You're into fashion?  Get your gear on 'cause retro is IN.

For you it's really about a couple of laid back beers with your friends watching the game?

We'll see you on selected Saturdays for Pub Night.  Check our calendar for dates.

You think food is fun?

Us too! We host all sorts of dinner and dance fundraisers.

Whew, did we cover everyone?

Follow our  Facebook page to stay up to date on everything going on at Tawatinaw Valley.

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Follow our  Facebook page to stay up to date on everything going on at Tawatinaw Valley.

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